Saturday, April 25th, 2009...6:00 am

Nissan-Renault Partnership Ties Up with SDG&E to Develop EV Charging System

Renault Better Place EVThe team up of Nissan and Renault is forming a link with the California-based San Diego Gas & Electric to promote zero emission transport by developing a network of charging stations for electronic vehicles.

The Japanese car maker will be marketing ZEVs in the US by 2010 and has plans of marketing the ZEVs worldwide by 2012. This plan starts to materialize with the coast to coast promo of the Nissan Electronic Vehicle Prototype.

The Nissan-Renault Alliance will help the SDG&E group in building the foundation for the vital EV charging infrastructure. The collaboration will work with other agencies, companies, and institutions to implement the promotion of EVs around the country and ultimately build the network to charge batteries for these kind of vehicles.

Both companies expressed their excitement for a pioneer endeavor which will make San Diego a plug-in ready region for EVs.

The alliance between Renault and Nissan kicked of with similar initiatives in Denmark, Portugal, Israel, Monaco, Japan, and Kanagawa.

Cooperation was also established with electric companies like EDF of France and Energie Ouest Suisse of Switzerland. In the UK, it sealed a deal with the greentomatocars and electromotive UK. In the US, Nissan-Renault partnered with Tennessee, Arizona, California, and Oregon to promote no emission transport and the building of infrastructure needed by EVs.

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