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Renault Clio Sport History

The Renault Clio Sport or the Renault Clio RS had hit the market back in 1999 and still is in business. This hot-hatch is a high performance vehicle from the French automaker, Renault. Gaining a hand over the Clio Supermini, it has a 2.0-liter, 4-petrol engine with a three-door hatchback body and an FF layout. Established in the early eighties, the Renault sport division was founded to concentrate on making cars to fit the racing track. The first vehicle coming out of this was the Renault Spider followed by the first Renault Clio II RS 172.

The body of the original Clio II was used with additional sportive features like bigger wheels and running boards. It received a facelift in 2001 with regard to its interiors and exteriors. The car provided catchy equipments like xenon headlights with washers, 4 airbags, 16 inch alloy wheels, six-disc changer and leather seats (with the Renault sport logo). In 2004, the engine of all-new Clio II RS 182 was upgraded to 182 DIN PS (176bhp/131kW). It was also provided with a dual-exhaust system plus different 4-2-1 manifold.

A special edition of this – the Clio II RS “Trophy”- had a lower ride height, light-weight 16” wheels, recaro seats, spoiler and an exclusive Capsicum red paint. The Trophy won the ‘Evo’s’ magazine’s People’s Performance Car of the Year in 2005. The latest Clio III RS 197 is inspired by a special technology for Formula One with a rear diffuser, cooling side vents, more power and more torque. It also has the new six-speed with shorter gearing. All this combines to give us better acceleration figures with the help of its 197 bhp (147kW/200PS).

The Renault Clio Sport has gained popularity as a powerful car, beating its competitors like Mini Cooper S, SEAT Ibiza FR, more recently the Peugeot 206 RC and Seat Ibiza Cupra R.

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