Thursday, June 4th, 2009...1:05 am

Renault launches Clio RS in UK; Roll out to Dealerships by end of June

Renault came up with the new gen of Clio last February Renault Clio RSand had a sport variant when they joined the motorshow in Geneva the following month. The car manufacturer recently unveiled the Clio RS in United Kingdom is due for sale by the end of this month.

The new Clio RS receives some upgrades to perform like its bigger sibling the Megane RS. The treatment was just done to fit the compact image of the vehicle. The fuel mileage of the car was measured at 34.5mpg and CO2 emission recorded at 195g/km.

Under the hood of the Clio RS is a 16 valve 2.0L engine that can output 200 horspower or 149KW and maximum torque of 158 lb-ft. The power ratio is a beat peaky but the engine can still bring the car to 62 mph in just around seven seconds. The top speed of the Clio RS was recorded at 141 mph.

Buyers have two options in terms of the tuning of the chassis. One may go for the Cup version which is about 36kg lighter or the standard release which is a bit heavier than its sporty counterpart but a lot more comfortable.

The Clio RS models get the same aerodynamic package. They all have the front splitter for more downforce, a rear diffuser, and air extractors in the form of front wings.

Brembo brake calipers come standard to all models. The Clio RS roll on stylish 17-inch rims. Handling and stability during high speed were also improved for this release of the Clio.

The inside was designed for the comfort of all occupants. The car has Recaro seats coming in Anthracite, Silver Grey, or Yellow color treatments.

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