Monday, April 23rd, 2012...7:51 am

Renault Megane 256, Now Out in the Market

renault megane 256The Renault Megane has been a favorite among hutchback cars in the past years, but this year’s 2012 Renault Megane 256 is even better. To start off, it’s priced at a reasonable £24,895. What makes this car really special, though, is the fact that it goes even faster than it used to.

Consumers were already happy with the speed of its predecessor, the Renault Megane 250. Imagine having an extra 14bhp speed and 15 lb/ft of torque to go with it. Some cosmetic upgrades will also be made to the marketed product line. However, as is always the case, the manufacturer is concentrating, now, on the World Cup model of the car.

It is standard for this car to produce about 247bhp just like the Megane 250, but there’s an add-on. You can now press a button on the dashboard to allow your car to go as fast as 261 bhp. Experts who have tried the new car, though, say that the change is hardly noticeable as the older Megane is already super fast, but if you want to feel like a real racer, the speed upgrade might be worthy of the added cost. What you’ll notice is the louder and more powerful sound produced by the car when you press the turbocharger and you reach the peak speed. It’s certainly something to look forward to.

The Cup Model is actually quite impressive because, even at this speed, it stays stable in corners and has an impressive grip. The steering is also quite amazing.

More than being just another powerhouse, the Renault Megane 265 has classy interiors. The stereo has been upgraded, the steering wheel lined with leather, and the pedals finished in white. There is more space in the front seats, too, although the small backseat leg space might  put you off.

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