Monday, January 16th, 2012...9:22 am

Renault pours in $534 million investment for flagship sedan production in Douai factory

We have old folks today who has witnessed the French car market through the 1960s and thru the 1970s, and they become quite nostalgic when they try to recall how the cars looked, sounded, and performed back then. They might have the Citroen DS ruling the road but who can forget about the Renault 16.

The Renault 16 went on production between 1965 and 1980 and was the flagship sedan of the brand during those years. Aside from having a Hemi, the 16 was the a pioneering French car being the first to have the central lock system in the country and also helped the hatchback design to be accessible to the consuming public.

Let’s now go back to the current calendar and you will notice that you cannot tap a vehicle in the Renault garage and call it its flagship sedan. When you look at the list, the last flagship sedan was the Vel Satis which only had a 62,000 unit run and terminated on 2009.

The new general director of the brand, Carlos Tavares, wants to do something and give the brand is new flagship sedan.

The car manufacturing executive recently announced that Renault will be pushing thru with its plan to start production of their flagship sedan come 2014. In order to do this, the carmaker pours in around $534 million of funding to the Douia factory which will need some upgrade and modernization. Aside from the flaghsip sedan, the plant will also be Laguna, a midsize sedan, and the minivan called Espace.

The manufacturer does not want to give out anything about the new flagship sedan but hinted that we can expect a concept version of this vehicle during the motor show in Paris or during the 2013 auto show in Geneva. The Renault executive also hinted that the Alpine brand might be resurrected but a final green light for this project is still being awaited.

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