Sunday, March 15th, 2009...2:41 pm

Renault to Release 3 Electric Cars in 2012

renault evWith the constant threat of global scarcity of gasoline and global warming, big automobile companies have started developing vehicles that run on electricity. While Nissan vowed to be the leader in electric vehicle technology, its parent company, the French automaker Renault, announced its plans to release three electric vehicles in 2012.

According to the scoop in Autocar, the French electric vehicles will include an electric version of the Kangoo MPV, a new electric car patterned after the Megane sedan, and a new smaller 5-seater model.

At present time, Renault has been testing the electric versions of Megane Sedan in Israel, the results of which will serve as the basis for the production of several more electric vehicles by the same company. The electric version of Megane will be released in the market sometime in 2011 while the Kangoo MPV electric car will follow shortly.

While the new Renault electric vehicles will emerge as compact city cars, it will not have the boring and nondescript designs like its counterparts in other brands. The French automaker is eager to make the new green cars models fun and youthful with a unique look and cool driving features.

Expect these three Renault electric cars to make waves in the global market by 2012. Renault is eager to finish and perfect its production in time for the 2012 Olympics in London, as the company is planning to use the new electric vehicles for transportation for both the athletes and spectators. Talk about the perfect advertising scheme!

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