Sunday, August 8th, 2010...8:54 am

Renault unveils DeZir coupe

p4 Renautl-DeZirThe chief designer of Renault recently revealed  the new bold direction the car manufacturer wants to take as embodied in the upcoming gullwing, mid-engined coupe. The Renault Dezir is set to take the spotlight during the Paris auto show this September. The DeZir is a bit shorter compared to a Megane at 4.2 meters, but 10 centimeters closer to the ground compared to the Audi R8.

The Renault DeZir wil be fitted with an electric motor with lithium ion batteries for back up. This new member of the Renault garage outputs a decent 148bhp and a torque of 167 lb-ft. The car can go from 0 to 62 mph though in a matter of 5 seconds, primarily attributed to its weight of only 830 kilograms. The DeZir designers made use of Kevlar bodywork on tubular frame made of steel to keep the weight of the car down on the scales.

For the extra power, this Renault will be able to make use of the recovered brake energy. The battery pack will be able to take the car to roughly 100 miles from point of origin. Charging to 80% of its capacity can be done in just 20 minutes via the Quick Drop technology of Renault.

The front-end design of the DeZir is a preview of what is to come with all future Renault models. This will be most likely evident on the upcoming Clio which may adapt the lines of the DeZir’s nose, headlights, and the quite noticeable logo of Renault.

The interiors of the car feature a single bench for two occupants emblazoned with Renault graphics. Leather finishing in white and red lacquer also dominates the cabin.

Renault is also collaborating with IRCAM, a company expert in acoustics, to give the car its “false” soundtrack.

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