Wednesday, July 1st, 2009...3:53 am

Renault will Unveil 3 EV Concepts during motor show in Frankfurt

Renault pours its efforts on developing electric vehicle concepts the recent years. In 2008, the French automaker was proud to show the Ondelios Hybrid and the Z.E. electric vehicle concepts. This year, Renault plans to unveil three of its ongoing electric vehicle projects during the motor show in Frankfurt. One of the cars that will catch the spotlight will be a platform for a production model that will be rolling off by 2012.

The details of the electric vehicles were not revealed. Designers of from Renault though guarantee that their EV will be distinct from the range of EV’s emerging in the market today. They will make sure that consumers will know that it is a Renault EV when they see one on the road.

Renault EV Concept

The car manufacturers seem to show some ingenuity with the designs as the different engine and set up give some freedom for a different look which gives emphasis to the environmental aspect of the vehicle.

The Renault EV is said to be around 13 ft in length and will come as a 5-door hatchback. We can expect more details and specs as the Frankfurt show nears. Aside from the new EV, there will also be an electric variant of the Megane, a Renault sedan. Another version of the Kangoo is also set to debut. Both of these EVs will reach dealerships in Europe in a couple of years.

Renault will also display their Quick Drop system which is set to address issues with regard to recharging electric cars. Quick Drop will allow switching of a dead battery into a fresh one in a matter of minutes. There will also be a plug-in system which will allow future EV owners to charge their environmentally friendly cars at home overnight.

At present, lack of infrastructure to meet the needs of electric cars is the missing link why the market segment has not yet boomed. With the products from Renault and other manufacturers, the hope of seeing EVs along our main roads in the near future may become a reality.

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