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Review: 2013 Clio by Renault

The 2013 Renault Clio is the fourth generation of this supermini ride. It is a big news in this segment of really small cars. The model defined what we know today as superminis with the Mk1 and Mk2 Renault Clios embodying fun dynamics, compact proportions, and really chic looks. The Mk3 became a bit bigger and more refined, which is somehow a blander by Renault.

New looks and engines

The car manufacturer knew their mistakes with the third generation Clio so they made sure that the Clio 4 will be able to redefine the brand. The new Renault Clio takes its DNA from the DeZir concept car that was unveiled back in 2010.

Remaining true to the underpinnings of its predecessor, the new Clio is longer, lower, and wider. It is also designed to be more responsive when you drive it. Although bigger, the Clio is lighter than its older sibling by around a hundred kilos. Renault also offers more efficient engine options under the hood of the Clio.
Among the new engines is a 0.9L turbocharged gasoline engine and a 1.5L turbodiesel.. The latter is the most efficient engine to be used by the Clio with a mileage of 88.3 miles per gallon and emission of 83 g/km. By next year, it will also have a 1.2L 4-cylinder gas engine that will be linked to a 6-speed gearbox with dual clutch.


The Clio is much more composed and stable than earlier versions. It is more agile while driving in low speeds. The electric steering also feels a lot better than the Clio 3′s. The steering is pretty responsive and sharp that can be compared to that of the Ford Fiesta.

The ride though falls short when it comes to higher speed driving on motorways where you might feel the bumps of the roads with the ride being bouncy. The dynamic package is there but the 2013 Clio is not as composed on the highway as it is when you ride it around town.

The engine too lacks a bit of refinement and grunt while on high speeds. But of course, what can you expect from these small engines.

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